Monday, August 12, 2013

One of my Passions... Music Part 1

Everyone always asks whats one thing I can't live without.
My answer is always the same aside from my daughter and Husband. Its... Music. I briefly mentioned it in one of my first blog posts here.

I love it all. I don't understand how someone can say that they don't like music.
Its so vital to me and can express so many different emotions at once.
I love all kinds of music. I can find something I like in every Genre no problem.

I do have favorite genres but I don't understand how some people can limit themselves to just one type of music and shun anything different without even trying.
I grew up with music in our home.
My Dad shared his love of music with me especially his love of Led Zepplin and Metallica. Later I on I shared my love of God Smack and Shinedown with him.

Music has been there for the happy times for me like my Dad teaching me how to Waltz while listening to "The Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits (not the best song for that) and going fishing on the Yellow River while "Kashmir" played in the background.
For sad times like when my Grandma died "Amazing Grace" and "The Old Rugged Cross" were her favorite songs.
The hard times like when my parents separated and when I had to live in a different town because it wasn't safe for me to stay home anymore.
AFI, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Shinedown and Pink Floyd expressed a lot of my anger at that stage in my life.
When life seemed impossible and I had hit rock bottom I found music to wrap myself in like "Bother" by Stonesour, "Poem" by Trapt, "Deny" by Default, anything by 5 Finger Death Punch.

Now I enjoy using it to express how happy I am and in Love I am with HB especially this song...

 Tristan Prettyman~ All I want is You :)

We're getting married next year and its going to be a music/geek love fest :)
I also love to express love with Ray LaMontagne, Citizen Cope, Gregory Alan Isakov.

Whenever things got hard or all seemed lost I could find a song that made me want to get up dust off and carry on. Music flows through my house like water.
We introduced Kai to our love of music while she was still "baking" :)
The songs that got her to sleep even when she had colic was "Fireflies"by Owl City, "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis, and "The Leaving Song.Pt 2" by AFI.

Kai seems to love all music except the New Rap. I don't really let her listen to Rap right now because I think she's too young but it happens on occasion.
Her favorite right now is anything I can sing lol
When she goes through my CD's she picks out AFI or Imagine Dragons most of the time.
These are her favorite songs for me to sing to her by them right  now...

                                       On Top of the World~ Imagine Dragons.

The Leaving Song Pt2 ~ AFI