Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mommy Dates, The Conjuring and Minions

I know date nights with Daddy are important but so are Mommy dates with other Mommies. I don't go out to often without Kai. For many reasons the main ones being...
1. We don't go out much. We're homebodies and stopped partying when we decided to become parents. We'd rather spend time together. We go out once a year for our Birthdays. They are only 3 weeks apart so we do it together.
2. I feel like I'm missing a limb without her and I usually enjoy taking her places. Everyone has a day where they would rather not take their child shopping or on other errands with them. 

3. I don't really have anyone I trust to babysit besides my parents and In laws (they live in a different town). My Dad still works and my mom has health problems. Plus I know they have lives outside of me and my family.

4. We like doing things as a family. When we actually have the time to. We took Kai to see Despicable Me 2 yesterday. SO CUTE! I love the Minions. Kai says she's a Mommy Minion now lol

Last night I got to go on a Mommy date with my BFF Moua. We went to see the movie The Conjuring. Holy Crap FREAKY!! Didn't help we were only 2 rows from the screen lol
It had a good easy to follow story line and even had a smaller offshoot story.
It was well acted and actually kinda believable.
I would recommend it to anyone that likes the Spooky and Supernatural.
We finished the night by meeting with HB and Kai at Perkins for a late dinner. I LOVE their Build Your Own Omelet :) 

It was so nice and relaxing getting a  short break from Kai and enjoying some adult interactions but by the end I missed my Munchkin.