Friday, December 20, 2013

Gaming in a Galaxy far far away (Star Wars Saga PS3)

Recently we have started venturing into letting Kai play video games with us.
I started with Mario Bros 3 on the original Nintendo.
She likes it and isn't too bad at it but she wants to play games like HB and I do.
We generally play games like Dante's Inferno, Diablo, Borderlands or something of that ilk. SO definitely not games you want a small child playing.
So I introduced her to the New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong on the Wii.

Unfortunately she's having some difficulties with the sideways nunchuk even though we found her a smaller pink one to use. 
Most of the time I put her in a bubble in Mario Bros and have her float behind me :)
She gets frustrated with that after a while though and wants to actually play. 

Thus leading us to trying out Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga on our PS3. 
(I know we have too many game systems) 
We introduced Kai to the awesomeness that is Star Wars when she was freshly hatched lol 
So she already loves just about everything Star Wars especially the Ewoks (so CUTE)
Any-who she seems to really like the Lego Star Wars but she likes watching HB and I playing it. 
I think right now she looks for reasons to say its too hard just so she can watch us play it lol

I have to say that we are really enjoying the game and its awesome kid friendly fun!
There are even some cute funny little clips along with the game play. This is the first Lego game we have tried out and we are very impressed with it.
I can say for sure that we will be getting some of the other Lego games for us to play as a family. 

So we highly recommend the Lego video games for younger kiddos.