Thursday, November 21, 2013

You can't even read!

Oh my freaking god!

The last week Kai has been acting like 4 going on 14!!
I'm ready to pull my hair out O.o

She is acting like a freaking know-it-all.
She argues with me about everything!
How words are spelled, what they mean, where I'm going, what we're eating... EVERYTHING!
She even argues with me on what words are even after I help her spell it!

On top of that malarkey she has started blatantly ignoring me and trying to order me around!
She has also started trying to do it to my Dad and HB though not nearly as often as me.

One of my friends that has a daughter 2 years older than Kai said that's how the her daughter acts as well.
So apparently the mother daughter relationship dynamic is a double edged blade.
One side you are incredibly close (which is great) and the other side is the daughter is going to ignore and annoy the shit out of you at times.

According to my parents I acted the exact same way when I was 4 so I am paying for my raisin' right now :P

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