Friday, November 22, 2013

Accidental Hipster O.o

So HB pointed out the other that I am a Hipster :P
He started laughing at me because I was immediately indignant.
Now that I sit down a think about I'm like "Holy Shit he's right! Dammit!"

It was a total accident!
What's more annoying is every time I turn around there is yet another thing making me a hipster!
I hate labels so I will never call myself a hipster but OMG.

I have no idea if anyone else has called me a Hipster and frankly I don't care.

HB says he's relieved that I am only really a Hipster about music and not much else.
I could be a Hipster about going to thrift stores but I originally did that because I was raised poor lol
Now I shop there because I don't see the point in buying new when I stay home all day.

Here are the reasons  we figured out that I am a Hipster :)

1. I have on more then one occasion uttered the phrase "I loved this band before anyone knew about them" >.<

2. I am anti-name brand everything.

3. I have also said "I did that before..." about shaving part of my head, dying just my bangs, piercing my nose, gauging my ears.

4. Our daughter has a name that no one has heard for a girl before and an        obscure middle name. I found both lol

5. I am all about buying local and LOVE our Farmers Market. (pity its done for the year)

6. I adore wearing off the wall T-shirts
  a) I also enjoy dressing Kai uniquely too

7. I don't drive at all. I walk and really want a bike

8. I used to enjoy wearing faux horn rims even though I have perfect eye sight

9. I refuse to define myself except for being a Mom. Apparently from my reading that makes me a Hipster

10. I love watching BBC programs and Indie movies.

Oh well I am happy with who I am. I don't care what label I fall under. The only one that matters to me is Mom.