Sunday, November 17, 2013

Little Girls aren't Human. Who Knew!

So early this afternoon Kai and I went to my Dad's to give HB some peace to take a nap.
Whenever he tries this while we are home Kai wakes him up quite routinely to "ask" him something.
He can't yell at her because the majority of the time she wants a Hug, Kiss, Snuggle (Eskimo kiss).

She was in the living room coloring while my Dad and I figured out what we wanted to do to kill time.
All of a sudden Kai comes running into the kitchen with her crayon box and says "I need capped crayons!"
My Dad looked at her and said "What?"
Me "What's wrong with the crayons you have?"
Kai "They're for HUMANS!"
Us O.o
Me "You are a Human"
Kai "No I'm not!"
Me O.O "You're not? Then what are you?"
Kai "I'm a little Girl!"

According to HB when I was retelling the conversations that apparently clears a lot of things up LOL

He firmly believes that little girls are tiny balls of energy that mark their territory with glitter.
Every time he picks Kai up he ends up with glitter in his beard or somewhere on him