Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letting out my inner Bitch (swearing and crudeness)

Since becoming a Mom I've learned to lock up my inner bitch and keep her        there until after Kai goes to bed. 
Its harder some days then I'd care to admit especially when its my "time of the month" 

But Kai doesn't deserve no matter how much of a little tool she is being AND I don't want her repeating it or picking up the attitude.
She is a generally sweet little girl and I don't want my inner bitch poisoning her.
I have the hardest time with it either out shopping (I HATE crowds) or on Facebook.
Its usually some friend from way back in HS that I know is completely full it and just trying to get either A. Attention or B. Pity or C. Sympathy or D. All of the above.

I have a wicked love for these awful e cards that I see popping up all over. Here are some of the ones that made me giggle hardcore lately.