Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Itty Bitty Tool!!!

So today I have discovered that calling a 4 year old "Not Nice" is the little kid equivalent of calling someone an Ass Hole.
Which I was sorely tempted to do if she had been older.
I'm not sure what is up with her lately.
She has been an absolute little Tool lately!
Part of the problem right now is the time change but the rest that's been going on for the past couple weeks I wish I knew what the cause was.

Part of me wonders if its just her still processing things from Great Grandpa dying and my miscarriage. When I ask her whats wrong she always says nothing.
I wonder if I'm thinking too hard on this as well because I over think things a lot.
Thankfully whatever is going on isn't affecting her at school at all. Her teacher says she's doing great.

I feel a little guilty admitting this but I'm relieved that she's been giving HB a hard time as well so I don't feel like its just me being singled out.
Sometimes before I felt like Kai saved all her bad behavior for me and everyone thought I was lying.