Friday, November 8, 2013

Stay at Home Mom: Dividing up the household duties.

So I am a Stay at Home Mom.
HB works part time and goes to school full time.
The way I had divided things up when Kai was smaller is that he worked and handled the money. I cooked, cleaned and baby wrangled.
It worked great at the time.
I am terrible managing money and he's great with it. Plus I kinda have the thought process of he makes the money he can manage the bills.
We're the only couple I know of that doesn't fight over money.
I tell him what we need from the store or what Kai needs and he gives me the check card to take care of it.
He buys me whatever I want and rarely tells me No about anything.
BUT I also don't make outrageous demands when we're living on just one income.
I know that is where a lot of my friends fights come from is not living within their means.

Now that Kai is older the messes she makes are bigger. HB has also started slacking off on picking up after himself >.<
I'm starting to consider redoing how things are divided.
I feel kinda guilty about it though.
He is usually home for a little while with me while she's in school. We could tag team whatever room and get it done in no time rather then leaving it all for me to do before she gets home.
Evenings are usually spent helping Kai with her hand writing and figuring out dinner.
I've started meal planning but sometimes that doesn't work out too well. Especially with Kai becoming pickier as the days go on.

How do you divide up the housework?