Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Talking like a Sausage

"You're talking like a sausage! Make sense dammit!"

I grew up with that saying and so did my Dad.
An old German man that ran a Grocery store in my Dad's hometown used to say it around my Grandmother when she worked for him.
So she came home and introduced it to the household lol

Its basically a funny way of telling someone that they are making no sense whatsoever.

So its still a family saying in our household :) Though we usually drop the swearing lol
Its the greatest thing ever to say to Kai when she's making no sense.
Plus she knows when she is making no sense as she's giggling as she talking nonsense.

The other day Kai was running around before school with her lips all pouched up babbling nonsense that I could not follow.
I look at her "Kai what in the world are you doing?"
Kai lips still all puckered up "I'm talking like a Sausage Mommy!"

Bahahahaha omg I died right there and so did HB.

What is something funny your LO's have done lately?