Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stay at Home Mom: The Art of the Adult Conversation

So I am a Stay at Home Mom. Have been one for about 3.5 years now.
At first I thought I was going to go insane from feeling so isolated.
I YEARNED for adult interaction.
On a good day the only adult interaction I got was with my Parents and HB.
90% of my time was spent with a 6 month old.
I thought I was going to lose my shit. Literally.

What was worse was when I actually got to go out shopping with my Bestie I had no idea what to talk about! Kai went with us because I was breastfeeding but at 6 months babies don't do a whole lot.
The Bestie would talk about her job, going to movies, going out on the weekends and I was over there like "Yeah if Kai sleeps too long I start leaking milk everywhere. Awkward!"
Thankfully the Bestie is awesome and wanted to hear all about it.
I felt like a very boring person there for a while lol
I'm very lucky in that my close knit group of friends at least faked excitement when I would text them pics and video clips of Kai's first even the guys managed.

It was a lot of adjustment for me not only being a New First time Mom but also as a New Stay at Home Mom.
I had worked from the time I was 16 till 23 when Kai was born.
I became a SAHM because I was outsourced for cheaper labor at my retail job.
We couldn't afford child care and made too much to qualify for any childcare help so we decided I would stay home since HB had the better paying job.

Kai was 9 months old when HB was a groomsmen in her God Fathers wedding. I found myself pulled from home and into this busy wedding/reception and found I had nothing to talk about but Kai and being a Mommy. (Not that it was a bad thing but I felt very out of place.)

I ended up sitting by myself while HB did his Groomsmen duties because everyone just looked at me weird when I had nothing to compare to traveling Up North or to Canada. Thankfully HB rescued me and introduced me to some other people that were there who had kids.

Even with Kai being older I find myself out of touch with the majority of the mainstream happenings.
I don't follow it. I would rather busy myself keeping track of 

  1. What Kai is watching
  2. Trying to get her to eat new foods
  3. making sure her clothes still fit
  4. seeing if I really need to do laundry or not
  5. making sure Kai isn't hiding clothes on me
  6. or snacks somewhere lol 
  7. Discovering which foods she suddenly doesn't like anymore >.<
I've also discovered being a mom has effected not only what I talk about but also how I talk to people.
HB wasn't feeling so hot the other day. Here's our convo...

Me "Does your tummy hurt?"
HB "my STOMACH is fine"
(I don't pay any attention to this lol)
Me "Do you have to go potty?"
HB "Kai isn't here. She's in school, remember?"
Me ::blinks:: "Shit! I was talking to you!"
HB O.o "Why would you ask me that?"
Me "Habit! Ahahahaha I'm sorry Honey."
HB ::shaking his head chuckling:: "Honey you need to get out more"

That is just one example lol