Friday, October 25, 2013

Singing to Daddy

This is the song that I'm talking about lol

Kai got sick about 2 weeks ago.
Last week we took her in and found she had a lower Respiratory infection and a touch of Pneumonia.
Her Dr put her on antibiotics and a inhaler.
The past week and half has been so frustrating!
Thankfully she takes the inhaler with no problem but jeebus the antibiotics were a mega trial!
We ended up calling the pharmacist to make sure it was Ok to do it and then hid the antibiotics in a small amount of juice to mask the flavor.

So THANK GOD last night was her last dose of antibiotics.
Well the antibiotics really messed with her tummy and gave her the runs for a couple days so she developed kinda like diaper rash even though she's potty trained.
So last night after a bath HB put some Vaseline and corn starch on her butt just like we used to do when she had diaper rash when she itty bitty.
Afterwards she jumped up in her My Little Pony panties and started dancing and singing to HB.
She loves to watch Doc McStuffin's and the song they sing at the end when the toys are all better is what she started singing to him.
She sang "I feel better! So much better! Thank you Daddy for taking all the ouch's away!"

She has bounced back faster then I thought she would.
She makes me giggle so hard.