Thursday, October 31, 2013

I LOVE Halloween.

I have LOVED Halloween since I was knee high to a duck :) 
I love everything about the holiday. From the weather to the pagan aspect of it to the Candy :D

I looked forward to it every year during school because it was the one day where no one made me feel like a freak. I could be myself and revel in it.
No one bullied me, or picked on me, or made fun of me.

HB first kissed me on Halloween way back when we were 16.
It was also the first time he pranked me!
He thought it would be hilarious (insert sarcasm) to pretend to get busted in the mouth by a tree branch and then start spitting blood everywhere. Damn blood capsules.
I almost had a stroke and then I swatted the bejeesus out of him for scaring me!
I still won't let him live that one down.
He stills tries to prank me now but not that bad lol 
We're getting married next year as close to Halloween as we could do it :)

Now I love Halloween because I get to share it with HB and Kai. I'm getting to share all the fun with Kai from carving pumpkins to making spooky treats to watching Halloween movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas.