Thursday, October 31, 2013

1st time making a costume :)

So before this year Kai has always had store bought costumes that I either picked up from a thrift sale or gotten with a coupon at like Kmart.
This year I decided to make her costume :) 

She wanted to be a Jellyfish. She loves all things in the ocean.
Disney's Octonauts is her favorite cartoon.

So I browsed all over Pinterest and pinned some inspiration.

I scored a clear umbrella at Kmart for like $12 and picked up the iridescent and blue tinsel at Walmart for $1.50 each.
So $15 for the costume.
The fish in her tentacles are bath toys we already had.
Everything can be reused so pretty awesome!
I drew the "Dory" on top and just taped it to the spike up there.