Monday, September 9, 2013

WTF Elmo?! (swearing)

Now don't get me wrong I love watching educational shows with Kai but Sweet Hell some of that stuff is maddening!
The shows that really get me is Elmo's world on Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Dragon Tales.
I <3 Sesame Street in general. I grew up with it but some of the new changes are total WTF moments.
Like seriously Mr.Noodle... Seriously how many times can you not follow basic directions like Wash your damn hands or Put the shoes on your feet or the best one Put the hat on your fucking head!
I want to reach through the screen and throttle the piss out of that man!
The one actor (Michael Jeter)  that played Mr.Noodle I actually enjoyed his movies but the other dude Bill Irwin not a fan at all and whats worse is that he's a former clown! I HATE clowns!

I think Kai finds my irritation funnier than what Mr.Noodle is actually doing!

I really love the fact that Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was created to carry on part of Mr.Roger's Neighborhood legacy but Jesus on a Cracker he's soooo annoying.
I wish that they would just play reruns of Mr.Roger's Neighborhood. They do it with Zaboomafoo even though the Kratt brothers have moved onto a different show.
The show teaches great messages about friendship and expressing your feelings but Daniel is such a whiner!
I keep waiting for his Mom to be like "Oh for Fuck's sake Daniel What the Hell is your problem now?"
(No I don't talk to Kai like that though at times I have to bite my tongue but I'm sure all moms have moments like that!)

Last one is an oldy but a goody that we found on Netflix.
I was excited to find it at first because I remember it being fun when I was little.
Boy was I wrong!
Between Ord being a humongous cry baby and Zach a selfish hypochondriac I spend half the time she's watching it wanting to reach in there with duct tape and the other half telling Kai that its not ok to act like them.