Monday, September 9, 2013

Going Old School!

So I decided to go a little old school and play some God of War :)
Figured I should give my Borderlands obsession a break lol
I'm starting with the first one that they released for the PS2. I'm a little OCD that I don't like to start playing a game on the middle game if its part of a series.  (I'm the same way with books.) 
I plan on playing through all the games through out the winter.
Here in WI that gives me a pretty large window!
I'm sure my gaming will have to take a little break if HB gets the new Diablo 3 game though he wants to get a new XBox 360 first since all of his friends are playing on Live. We have a arcade 360 that I think is on its last legs.
I wish his friends would switch to the PS3. I don't quite understand what is so great about the 360.

Its ridiculous how well hidden somethings are hidden!
And Holy Boobies EVERYWHERE!
Kai just happened to come up behind me in the beginning where he's with the 2 women in bed for the button challenge to get more Red Orbs and she goes "LOOK Mommy! Boobies!!"
HB snorted Mountain Dew laughing at her.

Thankfully HB has played all but the latest GOW game so if I get stuck he can help me :DHe had to help me with the Main Hydra head and some of those damn Wraiths. Those things suck!
So far though I really like these games and find the story line very interesting.
I think they just gained a new fan!