Thursday, September 19, 2013

Totally sold! (Diablo 3 Demo PS3)

Diablo 3 OMG!

So HB's been playing Diablo 3 on the PC since it came out like a year ago.
I don't play PC games like that. I always end up pushing the wrong buttons especially when it gets to a Boss fight. I get excited and push the wrong buttons and then die like instantly.

HB downloaded the Demo for Diablo 3 for the PS3 yesterday because he wanted to see how it compared with buying the game. He was going to rent it but alll the rental places around town are out of copies (not surprised at all)
I watched him play it through to the end. Level cap is 9.
He was really impressed with the game play and a little irritated with how much easier it is to find Legendary items compared to the PC version.

After watching him play through it I decided to give it a shot so that I could write a more in depth blog :)
We found out from him messing around that it has a 2 player mode! SWEETNESS!
I was relieved to find that because...
1. Its good to have a guide lol
2. It means another game that we can play together! (that we both like)

I really enjoyed playing the demo with him so tomorrow (Friday) we're going to go buy a copy for the PS3 so we can play together!
I played through the Demo as the Female Wizard but I really want to try out the Demon Hunter. It wasn't available in the Demo.

So I will totally be making at least one more blog post about this game :)