Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Dye does what?!

Ya know before becoming a mom I always thought people were making excuses for bad behavior when they claimed food dyes affected kids behavior.
Now I realize I was wrong.
Holy hell was I wrong!
I don't admit that often lol 

For a while we were trying to figure out why some days Kai was fine, happy, helpful and lovable but other days she was mouthy, naughty and almost bat shit crazy.
I know everyone has off days but hers were EXTREME.
We tried everything we could think of to figure out what was causing these manic days.
Then we noticed on her bad days it was always after she had red juice like Hawaiian Punch or red Bug Juice or like red gummies.
We cut out EVERYTHING red from Juice to fruit snacks.
Suddenly 90% of the manic days are gone. Nailed it!

Yesterday she had a red Freeze Pop and she was fine.
I was surprised and decided to 2nd guess myself.
Never should have done that.
Always listen to your gut!
We let her have red Zoo Juice this afternoon.
Jesus Christ on Cracker it wasn't 20 minutes later she was a little whirling dervish of Lunacy.
She was mouthy, wouldn't listen, and couldn't seem to sit still to save her life.
I know the sugar wasn't an issue because she has had Zoo Juice before but other flavors like Blue Raspberry and she was fine.
She didn't stop for 2 hours and then passed out on the couch for an hour.
So when in doubt start looking at what is in what you eat!