Saturday, September 14, 2013

I can't believe I just said that!

I felt like this before but after today OY!
Kai says some of the strangest things but whats worse is some of the things I end up having to say to her or tell her to quit doing!
For a while she was going through a "licking" phase to where I actually had to say the following things to her... 

"Stop licking your Grandmother!"
"Don't lick your Grandpa in the face!"
"No you cannot lick the dog!" <face palm>

"KAI! Why are you licking that tree?!" 
"Stop licking Hello Kitty"
Those are just the top ones lol
Lately Kai has been playing in a large box that my Dad has. He had bought a Miter Saw and saved the box for something else but then Kai claimed it lol
The other day she was running around like a mad woman and kept getting in the way while I was cooking dinner.
Finally out of frustration without even thinking I said "For Pete's sake go get in your box!"
My Dad just started roaring with laughter because apparently Kai went sprinting into the livingroom and jumped into the box and closed the FLAPS!

Some days just make me face palm because I can't believe I had to say that to her.
A couple weeks ago Kai was running around my Dad's apartment playing with a rubber chicken.
My Dad took it from her and started making it cluck and poke her in the tummy. She tipped over giggling on the couch.
The next thing I know we're in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and Kai comes running in there with the chicken clucking non stop!
The tallest part she can reach is my Dad's behind so she starts poking him in the behind with the chicken while clucking.
My Dad starts laughing and telling her to quit it.
Without even thinking I say "Kai stop trying to stick that chicken up Grandpop's A$$"
I immediatly clap my hand over my mouth and start laughing so hard I have tears running down my cheeks.

What is some ridiculous things you've ended up saying to your LO's?