Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bring on 4k!

So HB and I went to Kai's 4k Parent's orientation this evening.
She will be attending a local Montessori preschool.
We very impressed but a little surprised at that same time.
At the beginning of the meeting they handed all the parents a manilla folder with a butt-load of paperwork in it.
Amongst all the stuff was the Student/Parent handbook.
We were early so we decided to flip through the book just to get an idea of things.
Inside there was a sheet just labeled... 4 Year-old Learner Expectation.

The way its worded we thought it was what they wanted the kids to already know. There are things on the list under different headings such as...
Under Health and Physical Development
  • Dress myself 
  • Cut shapes (Kai can't do this because I never trusted her with scissors lol)
  • Move safely 
Social Emotional Development...
  • Follow directions
  • Be a good friend and help others
  • make good choices (like what they're 4?)
Language Development & communication
  • Have conversation with others
  • Ask and answer questions (what 4 year old doesn't?)
  • Use pictures to tell a story (we've never tried this so not sure if Kai can)
  • Enjoy books
Approaches to learning
  • Try new activities
  • Pretend (don't all kids do this?)
  • Be flexible
 Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Count ten objects
  • count out loud to twenty
  • put together a 15 piece puzzle (Kai loves puzzles though she doesn't always put them back together right)
  • Explore my world
We were like "Oh wow well Kai can do most of these hopefully that's not a problem"
Turns out that's what they plan to learn this year!
We're suddenly like "Oh no! What if they don't want Kai because she is too advanced?"
Thankfully we've learned that the Montessori method means individualizing the teaching method for each child so hopefully Kai won't get bored with things.

Has anyone else encountered this? What's everyone's thought on Montessori teaching?

(I know all kids are different but looking at things from Kai's development we were surprised. I'm not ripping on kids that aren't as advanced or that are more so then she is.)