Saturday, August 24, 2013

You're doing what?! O.o

Kai talks non stop about EVERYTHING. 

Lately she has felt the need to give a step by step narrative of what she is doing.
I enjoy talking to her don't get me wrong but I do not need a narrative of her trip to the bathroom yelled across our apartment.
Maybe if she sounded like Morgan Freeman but I doubt it hahaha

I'm sure this is a typical little kid thing and I'm getting better at not being embarrassed by her announcements.
Every store we go in she has to use the potty even if she just peed 10 minutes before at home she has to go pee.
I know where every bathroom in every store in our city is. I thought it was bad when I was pregnant but I don't have anything on Kai.
So we leave HB or my Mom with cart wherever we are and we run to bathroom for her to tinkle 4 drops in the potty.
Then we track them back down so she can loudly announce to the entire section of the store that "She peed in the Potty!!!"
Thankfully  98% of the time the people around laugh, tell her good job and go on their way. The other 2% curmudgeons grumble under their breath something about kids being quiet which gets them the Mommy Death Glare and they hurriedly leave the aisle.

The other day as we were carrying groceries upstairs she was lagging behind playing with a defunct light switch (Dad keeps saying he'll fix it for the last 6 months)
HB unlocking the door "Kai what are you doing?"
Kai "Oh nothing... Just dicking around."
Me "You're doing what?!" O.o
Kai "Just dicking around but I'm done now!"
HB almost fell down the stairs laughing.
Me "Riiight I need to talk to Grandpop about he's been saying around you"

HB works 3rd shift on the weekends at a local Brewery doing security so during the afternoon on Friday and Saturday he sleeps while we play outside or go visit my parents. I'm lucky they live so close.
Today as we're leaving to go to my Dad's Kai doing her bed time routine with Charlie which is a Hug, Kiss, Squeeze and Snuggle (Eskimo kiss)
She has started saying the whole "Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite" So cute is her tiny voice.
Well today she did all that and then looked at HB very seriously and said...
"Remember the Rule #1 Daddy. The bed bugs won't eat you! They'll just bite a little."
She then turned around and slid down our stairs on her butt.
HB looks at me "Wth? Where did she learn that?"
Me trying to not laugh "I have no idea! But its funny bahahaha"

I'm sure I'll have more to share later on though it probably be more like I can't believe I just had to say that!

What is some ridiculously cute things your LO's have said to you?