Tuesday, May 28, 2013

But you ate it yesterday!

Lately we've been going through a picky eater phase around our house so much so that I am ready to pull my hair out.
Kai refuses to eat anything green she won't even drink green juice lately. I'm not sure whats up with that and now its extended to veggies.
I LOVE veggies. I am very close to being a vegetarian except that I really like chicken and fish. SO the fact that my child doesn't like veggies is really blowing my mind.
PLUS I am worried about her getting all the vitamins she needs though I am hesitant to start pushing vitamins on her.
Her pediatrician says she is perfectly healthy and to not worry but that's easier said than done. I've had her drinking V8 Splash cocktails lately

HB and I decided that we want to be healthier overall and since Dec had been half-assing it. I managed to lose 15 lbs and am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Since we made the choice to postpone our wedding til next July I decided to really hit it hard.
I'm excited because my Bestie and I are going to do a 10k walk/run next month :)

Bring on the smoothies. I have been testing out smoothie on HB and Kai. Non so far have gotten the toddler seal of approval but I have discovered some tasty ones and some that taste like lawn clippings.

Here's one that I experimented with and LOVE:

About 1 to 1.5 cups of Dole Diced frozen Strawberries

I did 3 wedges of watermelon but its was about 1.5 cups of seedless watermelon (Fresh)

I peeled and sliced a medium cucumber round wise and put 5 slices in the blender.

3/4 cup of Mango Mandarin Sobe coconut water.

2 big tbs of Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt.

It made enough for 2 servings. I was hoping since it wasn't green that Kai would drink but NOPE. I guess we're on a strawberry strike now too.