Thursday, April 25, 2013

This week has gone by in a blur.

We've been trying to potty train Kai, HB has been running back and forth to school and is doing Amazballs (just like I knew he would.) And HB has to have surgery tomorrow morning.
I have been an absolute ball of nerves. Its a relatively easy surgery that is performed quite often. HB has cyst on his tail bone that is measuring 4inches in diameter which is pretty big. I found out from Googling it that it is pretty common occurrence in Men and Women from the age of 17 to 35 though it affects men more often.
My main worry is that they will be putting HB under to do the surgery even though everything else I read said it would be done with a local anesthetic.
I'm not concerned about the fact they're doing it different except for the fact that HB is very sensitive to anesthesia.
When they took him tonsils out 8 years ago he had a very hard time waking up. He was done with surgery at 9am but didn't even try to wake up til 9pm.

I'm sure I am just borrowing worry and just need to remain optimistic.