Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our New look thanks to Kai

Kai informed me today as I was typing that "Our" set up was boring. So I asked her what she thought it should be dreading what I thought was going to be "Ponies! Pinkie Pie!"
I was pleasantly surprised when she exclaimed "Totoro! Can you change it to Totoro Please?"

Okey Dokey I can roll with Totoro.
I'm the one that introduced her to Totoro in the first place so who am I to argue.

I grew up with Totoro and think it conveys a good message and promotes a good imagination. I enjoy all of Miyazaki Hayao's work
So Totoro it is. She let me have creative lee way with the text color etc but she picked the picture and placement.
Who knows in a month she'll probably want me to change it again.