Saturday, April 27, 2013

HB's surgery went swimmingly thank goodness. I feel so girly for being as worried as I was about it.
He wasn't nauseous afterwards or anything. I'm learning new nursing skills in changing his bandage and I feel like its bringing us closer in some ways.
They gave him Vicodin for the pain which is nice but it makes him a little loopy and very frisky. Can't be frisky with a broken butt.

Kai is in full Dr.Kai mode with Daddy right now. She has given him Super Man fruit snacks for what she calls "Their awesome, super healing powers" 

She put a Hello Kitty band aid where he had his IV because she says "Hello Kitty is meaner than any germies"
She is also smothering him with hugs and kisses for his "Humongous Owie"

She has also I think informed everyone that we have met while grocery shopping that Daddy's tail is broken but the Dr fixed it and Daddy has his wiggle back.