Saturday, April 27, 2013


Ok we don't watch much in the way of television. We have Netflix but half the time that is off because we're a gamer household. Currently we are playing Borderlands 2 in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Its BA.
We are of the feeling that if we could pick the channels we wanted for cable we would get it but there's so much garbage we wouldn't watch its not worth the money to us right now.
We would only want like Discovery, Animal Planet, ScyFy, TNT, CNN, Disney channels, AMC ( Walking Dead) maybe like Nickelodeon and The Hub. I thought we'd want TLC but after yesterday Nay Nay! 
There is no way in  H E double hockey sticks we would be watching all the reality tv thats on like MTV and we wouldn't want 4 sports channels or 6 news channels or the Home Shopping Network (Gag me)

Anyways back to the whole WTF TLC.
Yesterday while sitting in the waiting room at the clinic they had a huge tv on one wall that was playing TLC all morning long >.<

First it was the dreaded A Baby Story there were for of those played and almost every single one ended in a C section. While I understand they are occasionally necessary this was just garbage. I had a natural 32 hour L&D with Kai. But I'll get into that more later on.

Then I went back to sit with HB during Pre Op and spoke to his surgeon, Nurse and Anesthesiologist all very nice people that put my nerves at ease.
When they took him into the OR I went back into the waiting room to twiddle my thumbs, text his Mom and call my Dad to check on Kai.
While sitting there trying to not watch the clock I looked at the TV.
At first I was confused and thought it was that stupid train wreck of a show Teen Mom but then my Mom asked me if the Mom of the teen was pregnant too. I wasn't sure but then I sh*t you not the show was called "My Teen is Pregnant and so am I."

OMFG are you serious!! Who in the HELL would want this broadcast to the world?? I wanted to reach out and slap the teen moms on the show. The parents weren't any better.
They're all worried about the innocence of their other kids but only one set of parents actually got upset with their daughter and her boyfriend.
(I have nothing against teen moms I know things happen but this show was a disaster)
The show was completely freaking stupid. A total waste and unfortunately I am sure there are a ton of people that love it.

What was even worse is that every family was from down south talk about stereotyping.