Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Why of Mommy and Daddy.

Here is the run down on HB and me :)

I am an only child that was raised in a Military household. My Mom is ex Army and my Dad is an ex Marine. My parents did the best they could.
Recent advancements in the psych study shows the mental wear that soldiers go through and how PTSD affects them.
Both my parents like many veteran's were extreme alcoholics. I am beyond pleased to say that my Dad has been sober for almost 5 years and my Mom for 12 years.
It was a long awful road getting to this point.
I fully credit my pregnancy with Kai to repairing my relationship with my Father. He is an AMAZING grandfather and Kai adores her GrandPop

My Mom is in therapy for her PTSD. I'm hoping through my blog to help bring more awareness to how PTSD can affect families and relationships.
My pregnancy actually damaged my relationship with my Mom because she was jealous, possessive of me and paranoid that I would leave her.
We are now working on repairing it with her therapy.
She is a great Grammy and Kai loves spending time with her. They bake cookies, sew doll clothes and plant flowers together.
NO matter the issues her and I have I will never deny Kai the chance to know and spend time with her.
I think it is petty when the child is punished for something they have no part in.

His Mom and Step Dad are awesome. Kai has been blessed with fantastic grandparents and I have been blessed with awesome (I use that word a lot) In Laws. Kai also is lucky enough to have a living Great Grandpa (my side) and 2 Great Grandmas and a Great Grandpa (HB's Side). She also has Great Aunts and Uncles AND Great Great Aunts and Uncles. I can't wait to do a family pic this summer :D
HB is the youngest in his family. He has 2 step sisters and 1 brother who passed away. His brother committed suicide when HB and I were 16. He was only 19 and I believe did it because he lost hope among other things.

I don't think there can be enough awareness and help for kids, teens and young adults that think there is no hope for them. I have been there and its a terrible place to be.
Once HB is done with school and we buy a house we want to become Foster Parents specifically targeting At Risk Teens that no one wants to take in anymore.
I can't wait to share all of our journeys with on here to give Hope.

I have so many hopes for this blog and for it to help bring more awareness to these things.