Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tech Savvy Munchkins

We are a very tech friendly household. 
We have more gadgets then you can shake a stick at lol 

I try to keep us at least half way unplugged most of the time but especially when Kai is home. 
I am a texting Queen so that is hard even for myself. 

At Kai's kindergarten Orientation a couple weeks ago I was really surprised that the kids were going to be doing computer things at least once a week and that the library there has a couple IPads for the kids to use.
So I've had to change my game plan a little since we don't let Kai use the PC at all and its a treat for her to use the IPad to watch PBS kids.

Through all this I thought I'd share some of the awesome FREE apps that I've discovered on my Kindle Fire HDX and we discovered that they offer most of them for the IPad too.
(I checked and these apps are offered on both Android and Iphone/Apple devices.)

1. PBS Kids Video App.~ They have both full and segments of all the PBS kids programs plus a couple that are online only cartoons like Kai's favorite Plum Landing. Its all about a little Plum shaped Alien and focuses on science.

2. Reading Rainbow: Read Along App. ~ The download is free for my Kindle and comes with 5 books that you can download for free without subscribing. If you subscribe you can get unlimited. We're still testing this one out so we haven't subscribed yet.
I loved Reading Rainbow when I was little so I jumped on this one.
(I'll post more after we're done checking it out)

3. PBS Parents. Play & Learn App~ I'm still testing this one too but its free and you can play along with your LO's checking out stuff.

4. Pocket Penguins App~ Another Free one that connects to Web cams in the live African Penguin exhibit at the California Academy of Science.
The other day I turned the App on just in time for Kai to hear a lecture they were giving to a bunch of grade school kids about the penguins eating habits, breeding, habitat and social lives.
Kai thought it was really cool.
They also answer questions during the Penguins meal times at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm PST.
(this is our favorite app lol)

Well there is 4. I'm sure as the summer goes on I will make more of these posts to share what I find 

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