Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Bye Grandma

Things are about to get very frustrating around here yet at the same time easier for me. Not like they weren't already frustrating at times with surgery, potty training, job hunting, school, etc.

My Mother is leaving tomorrow to go care for my Great Aunt in Kentucky. She'll be gone for at least a month.
The hard part is Kai isn't going to know what to do. My mom lived with us while I was pregnant and for two years after Kai was born. When she moved she didn't go far she moved into a tiny one bedroom house in my backyard that our landlord also owns. Grandma has always been within walking distance.

I know Kai isn't going to understand. She seems to be kinda grasping the concept now but I don't think she truly gets it.
We're taking my Mom to the train station tomorrow I'm hoping if Kai actually sees my mom leave it'll help her understand that Grandma didn't just up and disappear.

I on the other hand am kinda relieved she's going. Means I get a break from her. I love my mom but like all mother/daughter relationships we get on each others nerves.

Ugh wish me luck and pray for no tantrums tomorrow though I know that's asking a lot lol